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Do you wish to Participate?

Luton Speakers welcomes all guests who would like to see what 'Toastmasters' is all about.

Contact us via email - mobile phone - or just drop in! 

Meeting Program

A Luton Speakers' meetings contain 5 sections.  However agendas may vary. The 5 sections are: 

  • A brief introduction to the meeting's agenda.  
  • Prepared Speeches.  A prepared speech is a practical approach to use the techniques acquired through using the manuals and observing other members.
  • Impromptu speaking.  Developing the skill of ‘thinking on your feet’ in a game form.
  • Evaluations.  In order to grow as speakers, feedback is critical. Often the harshest critics are speakers themselves.  Fellow members remind the speaker of their good point and suggestions which may enhance the speeches.  
  • End of the meeting.  Awards, reminders, future meetings and events are announced.

The 6th section - Network TIME!!!

What is an evening without Tea - Coffee - Biscuits?!?!  Luton Speakers' Club does have its priorities!

We look forward to having you join us.

There are no fees for observing meetings.